Sunday, July 29, 2007

so--i decided to take a break from the WoT stuff, and
get back to my other project that i have yet to make
real headway with--i also wanted to use
some old fashioned pencil and paper...that being said--i'm trying
to move away from the 'traditional' dragon design, and try something a
bit different--not quite sure how i feel about this design yet, but i'm hoping
it's a step in the right direction...


Francis Vallejo said...

Great work here!! I stumbled on your blog and I am very glad I did. Your pencils are nasty!!
take care,

Swiggalot said...

This is amazing!! You have captured these characters well. This is the best WOT art I have ever seen.

Steve Klein said...

This is the best WOT artwork I've seen. Most of the characters are as I pictured them...Faile as a young Claudia Black. Although, I still see Egwene as Kristin Kreuk and Birgitte as Sandahl Bergman. Elayne's hair is too red. But these are great...would make an outstanding calendar. I hope you entered these in the contest.

Hermione said...

I am always on the look out for Dragon artwork. This seems pretty good. Do you have any more? I am very interested in your artwork, and the way you bring book characters to life. I too also read WOT series, Since I am stuck over here in Iraq. please keep these pictures coming! They pass the time here for me.
Comment by:
-Hermione of Dragon Island, Oregon

seamas without pants said...

RE: hermione

thank you very much for your comments! i do indeed have more dragon artwork...i am currently working on several different pieces, of which i hope to finish up and post as soon as i find the time...again, thanks for your most gracious words--!

Kennedy said...

My dear seamas without pants, I am looking for someone who would be nice enough to draw me a dragon. I have simply fallen in love with your artwork. Please if you will email me, I would greatly appreciate it. Please never stop drawing. (sorry I had to change my name back to kennedy from hermione, do apologies) good to see you answer peoples comments. signed stuck in Iraq